WOL 5w30 C3 504/507 Fully Synthetic High Performance Engine Oil OEM Quality 20 Litres

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Product Description

is a high performance, full synthetic engine oil suitable for the latest engine technology, including those fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalytic Converters.

Recommended for use in a wide range of modern petrol and diesel engines requiring an ACEA C3, mid-SAPS specification engine oil, and especially suitable for VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA group vehicles requiring VW 504.00 and VW 507.00 specifications for use in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with both petrol and diesel engines. 
Not suitable for pre-2006 Touareg R5 and V10 TDi models - please refer to vehicle handbook to confirm specific vehicle oil requirement. As a general rule, in case of doubt, please refer to vehicle handbook to ensure correct oil specification requirement.

• Enhanced protection even under severe operating conditions
• Provides critical protection during cold starts
• Mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) technology to protect DPF and Catalyst systems
• Stay-in-grade properties ensure low levels of volatility at high running temperatures

Suitable for use where the following specifications are required;
• BMW LL-04
• MERCEDES-BENZ 229.51 / 229.52

• VW 504.00 / 507.00