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Spray Paints

Product Description

MPEX is a Italian high quality, premium range designed specifically for the retail market with the products incorporating features only available previously in OEM products used by manufacturers, vehicle import hubs and dealerships.
The products in our range are
constantly developed to ensure they are the most innovative solutions available on the
market. At MPEX we believe there should be no compromise on quality, service and

Products consisting of nitro-acrylic bases with high pigment concentration that through a colorimetric system allows reproducing more than 80,000 pastel, metalised, pearlescent and xyrallic color codes of all the cars and motorcycles of the world. Colors are available also for commercial, industrial and earthmoving vehicles as well as any industrial colour palette.

With a large range of Custom Car colour coded, RAL, BS and Pantone colours
available its perfect for Professionals and DIY market as well. All paints can be applied
from aerosols, touch-up pens, touch-up brushes or
with a conventional spray gun. The best solution
for covering a scratch, chip or a scuff. It’s also
ideal for painting larger areas with professional
results. We can reproduce these bespoke colours
accurately every time. 
Available paint finishes include:
solid colours, base-coats, single
layer metallics, Base-coat
metallics, Pearl-coat metallics
and Xirallic pearl-coats.

 When Place the order for custom colour paint. Make sure on basket page you leave following details on ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:
1)Name - RAL
2)RAL Colour Code
Without this information we will be unable to process the order