Valvoline 10W60 Premium Semi Synthetic Engine Oil VR1 Racing SL ACEA A3 B4 873339

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Product Description

Premium quality motor oil. Formulated with synthetic technology for ultimate performance in turbo and non-turbo charged petrol engines under extreme operating conditions such as road racing and rallying.
For ultimate perform ance in turbo and nonturbocharged petrol engines of passenger cars and race cars.
Offers extra reserve needed to resist extreme operating conditions during rallying and racing.
Suitable for normal day to day driving in the city and on the highway.
Suitable for some Moto Guzzi, Husqvarna, Aprilla motorcycle models.'
* Check your owner's manual before use.
API: SL Ford WSS-M2C-153E
GM 6094M
Recommended for use where Fiat 9.55535.H3 is specified.
Performance at high rpm ranges
Enhanced anti-foaming formulation ensures superior protection at high engine rpm.
Race proven performance
VR1 Racing is formulated for ultimate performance under extreme operating conditions. Contains special additives that ensure optimal power output and maximum wear resistance for both turbocharged and non-turbo charged petrol engines.
Extreme wear protection
Strong oil film in combination with specialized additives provide high resistance against extreme pressure and high operating temperatures.
Break down resistance
High thermal and oxidation stability resists oil breakdown.