Valvoline 10W40 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil SynPower A3/B4 VW MB RENAULT Approved 872259

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Product Description

Valvoline Synpower takes over from where the highly popular Durablend left off. The superior additive technology used in Synpower offers advantages over other semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils. Synpower provides improved protection for engines operating under tough conditions, which include - cold, high temperatures, short journeys where full operating temperature is not reached, stop-start city driving with long periods of idling, and long distance driving at high RPM. Valvoline Synpower provides extra durability for a broad range of applications
RENAULT RN0700/0710
ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4
PSA B71 2300
Recommended for use where Fiat 9.55535.G2 or D2 is specified.
ULTIMATE PROTECTION AND PERFORMANCE - SynPower engine oil is formulated with the highest quality base oils and latest additives to ensure ultimate protection and performance under all operating conditions. Designed to fulfill the latest standards of leading engine manufacturers.
DEPOSIT CONTROL - Special additives prevent the formation of sludge and harmful deposits inside the engine. In the Volkswagen DID test for direct injected diesel engines SynPower SAE 10W-40 delivers optimum performance with regards to piston cleanliness and ring sticking.
LONG DRAIN INTERVAL - Formulated for excellent product stability. Long lasting performance and suitable for long drain intervals.
EXCELLENT COLD START PERFORMANCE - Instant oil flow at low temperatures provides easy cold starts and optimal lubrication within seconds after ignition.
ENGINE CLEANLINESS - Keeps engine extremely clean by minimizing deposits.
WEAR PROTECTION - Provides ultimate protection against wear under all operating conditions.