RUST-E Rust Remover Liquid Solution Removes Metal Oxides Water Soluble

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Product Description

Rust-E® from MPEX is a powerful non-toxic rust remover for fast and effective restoration of rusty metal. Our new formula is designed to remove rust quickly and easily, without scrubbing or sanding. Submerge the rusty parts in Rust-E® and walk away, it’s that simple and easy to use.
Rust-E® is a water-based, biodegradable product completely free of solvents and harmful chemicals. Using Rust-E® is easy, fast and effective, and you can feel good that it is not environmentally disastrous to use.
Rust-E® can be used to remove rust from any metal surface, from toys to car parts, tools to antiques and as it contains no acids or alkalis, not only will it not cause damage to your parts, it won’t damage anything else either.
Take your rusty item, remove any large and loose bits of rust or broken paint with a stiff wire brush, remove any oil or grime and give it a rinse with water. Then submerge parts in Rust-E® and leave for between 1 hour and 24 hours dependent on metal type and severity of rust.
You can also fill rusty containers or fuel tanks and remove corrosion from inside. A little shake every now and then helps speed the process up. You can also increase the heat up to 40 degrees to make things quicker still. If you have parts that are too large to submerge, you can use paper towels soaked in Rust-E® , placed flat over the rusty parts. Try and keep the rust in direct contact with the soaked paper towels for as long as possible and repeat as necessary. Remember not to throw away used Rust-E® as it can be re-used many, many times before it stops working. Obviously, it won’t look as clear as the first use, but as long as it keeps working, keep using it! There is no real right or wrong way to use Rust-E® , so you can experiment with different methods and share your tips and tricks online.