Lucas Diesel EGR Cleaner Inlet Valve Air Intake System Treatment Turbo 500ML 41019

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Product Description

Lucas Diesel EGR & Turbo Cleaner is a powerful, solvent-based cleaner, in aerosol format. Designed for cleaning the air intake system of diesel engines.
Restores air flow towards the combustion chamber
Removes carbon, lacquer, tar and varnish deposits
Helps restore engine performance
Easy to use, 5 to 10 minutes usage time
Safe for use in conjunction with oxygen sensors or catalytic converters
Improves exhaust emissions & reduced Black exhaust emissions
Excellent for use in air intake manifold, inlet valves and EGR valve
Will not hard catalytic converters or diesel particulate filters
Improves fuel economy
Restores stable idle
Do not spray on painted surfaces. In such case, immediately rinse with water to prevent damage.