Liqui Moly Windshield Cleaner Compact Winter and Summer Use1 Unit 6925

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Product Description

Ensures clear visibility and increased driving safety. Removes oil deposits, silicone residue and dead insects. Free of phosphates and biodegradable. Also descales the washer nozzles and hoses. Suitable for use with polycarbonate headlamp diffusers. Much easier to use and more practical than normal bottled windscreen cleaner. Can also be mixed with antifreeze. Saves space. Reduces waste. Apple aroma.
Tested and approved by DEKRA.
- suitable for polycarbonate
- streak-free vision
- removes exhaust deposits and preservative residues
- simple to use
- does not attack plastics, rubber and paints
- increases driving safety
- excellent cleaning effect
- prevents limescale deposits
Areas of application
For windscreen washer systems in both winter and summer use.
Mix the tab with the windscreen washer water. One tab is sufficient for between 1 and 4 litres of water.