Liqui Moly Windshield Antifreeze Concentrate 1L 21678

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Product Description

Concentrate with surfactant cleaning and antifreeze components for the cold season. Powerful cleaning,creates a clear view in seconds and thus ensures more safety in traffic. Prevents freezing of the windshield washer unit as well as icing up of nozzles at temperatures down to approx. –52 °C. Does not attack plastics, rubber or paint. Maintains the suppleness of rubber.

- assures a clear, streak-free view and safety
- does not attack plastics, rubber and paints
- improves the sliding properties of wiper rubbers
- extends the service life of wiper rubbers
- suitable for fish-tail nozzles
- gentle cleaning
- suitable for polycarbonate
- prevents the windshield washer unit from freezing up

Areas of application
For winter operation of all car and commercial vehicle windshield washer units. Also ideal for new wiper technologies and fan nozzles as well as for LED and xenon headlamps and clear-glass style plastic lenses made of polycarbonate.

Fill into the windshield washer reservoir and dilute with water based on the desired frost