Liqui Moly Window Cleaner Super Concentrate Screenwash 250ml 1519

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Product Description

Gives you a clear, smear-free view in seconds. Removes oil, silicone films and insect soiling. With citrus power. Phosphate-free and biodegradable.
- removes exhaust deposits and preservative residues
- streak-free vision
- suitable for polycarbonate
- excellent cleaning effect
- increases driving safety
- does not attack plastics, rubber and paints
Areas of application
For the windowpane washing plant in summer operation. Suitable for polycarbonate and fan nozzles.
Windshield Super-Concentrated Cleaner is used diluted with water at 1:100 concentrate/water. - 50 ml of concentrate gives 5 litres of cleaning fluid. - 250 ml of concentrate gives 25 litres of cleaning fluid."