LIQUI MOLY White Grease Maintenance Spray Waterproof lubricant 250ml 3075

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Product Description

Maintenance Spray White is an adherent, waterproof, white, high-performance lubricant. After the solvent has evaporated, the product leaves a soft film of grease.
- outstanding lubricating action
- good water resistance
- lasting corrosion protection
- excellent high and low temperature behavior
- reduces fretting corrosion
- high bond strength
- clean application
- prevents friction corrosion
- silicone-free
Areas of application
For lubricating moving parts such as shafts, hinges, joints, bolts, Bowden cables, slide rails, chains, springs, lock strikers, etc.
Shake can before use. Spray large areas without the capillary tube from a distance of about 20-25 cm. The capillary tube eases use in places which are not very accessible.
Note: After use, clear spray nozzle (hold can with spray head upside down) by spraying until only pure propellant emerges.