Liqui Moly Viscoplus Oil saver 300ml Reduces Oil Consumption 8958

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Product Description

Modern, mono-functional high-performance additive for stabilizing the viscosity of motor oils. Visco Stabil offers outstanding protection against mechanical and therefore permanent shear losses to the oil under extreme running conditions and is effective against the thinning of motor oils due to frequent cold starts.
- stabilizes loss of viscosity
- optimum lubrication under all operating conditions
- fully compatible with mineral and synthetic oils
- reduces engine noise
- optimum oil pressure under all operating conditions
- reduces oil consumption
- improves the movable seal between piston and cylinder
- reduces wear
Areas of application
For all passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, gasoline and diesel engines in new and used vehicles.
Can contents (300 ml) are sufficient for 5 liters of motor oil. After adding to the motor oil, allow the engine to run warm. The product can be added at any time.
Not suitable for use on motorbikes with wet clutches.