Liqui Moly V-Belt Spray Maintain & Protect Fan Belt Slipping 400ml 4085

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Product Description

V-Belt Spray is a special combination of agents formulated for maintaining and increasing the efficiency and performance of V-belt drives.
Eliminates V-belt slipping and squeaking.
Makes them supple and extends the service life.
Spares belts and discs from wear.
Increases the traction effectiveness.
Maintains and protects.
- High efficiency
- Multifunctional uses
- Prevents aging
- Care and protection
- Protects belts and pulleys from wear
- Prevents belt slip
- Eliminates squeaks
- Not suitable for flat belts
For all types of belts such as leather, rubber, balata and hair etc.
Spray side surfaces of V-belts from approx. 20 cm. Repeat if a thicker coating is required. Wait approx. 10 minutes to allow the product to take effect before starting the belt drive.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Not suitable for the use on flat belt.