Liqui Moly Transparent Silicone Sealant Compound 200 ml 6184

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Product Description

Heat-resistant, single-component sealant. Vulcanizes under the influence of air humidity and cures to form a permanently elastic mass. For sealing a wide variety of materials (e.g. metal, plastic, glass, porcelain, painted wood surfaces, etc.) in engines, transmissions, vehicles, containers, plants and heating facilities as well as air conditioning systems.
- adheres well to vertical surfaces
- resistant to stresses and vibrations
- outstanding thermal stability
- free of solvents, formaldehyde, CFCs, PCB, PCP
- permanently elastic
- enables a multifaceted range of applications
- outstanding chemical resistance
Areas of application
For sealing oil and transmission pans, engine housings, differentials, valve covers, water pumps, spur gear covers, headlamps, taillights, battery boxes, etc. For metal parts, plastic and glass.
The surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry and free of oil and grease. Remove cap and turn cartridge tip by 90°. Apply material evenly and join parts immediately without flash-off time.
Note: Insufficient adhesion can be expected on substrates such as PP, PE, Teflon and bitumen. That is why we recommend carrying out an adhesion test before use.
For long-term storage, the ambient temperature must not fall below 10 °C.