Liqui Moly Tire Repair Spray 500ml 3343

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Product Description

Special combination of agents for first aid for tire punctures that eliminates the need to remove the tire. Can be used all current passenger vehicle tires and caravan tires, with and without inner tube. Cannot be used for torn tubes or tires or tires slipped from the rim.
- subsequent tire repair possible
- suitable for all common passenger car tire sizes
- rapid remedy for punctures without dismantling
- simple to use
Areas of application
Used as a first aid measure for punctures on medium-sized and large passenger vehicle tires and caravan tires.
1. Remove the cause of the puncture (e.g. nail etc.). Move the tire valve to half the height of the rim and release all of the air.
2. Shake bottle well. If cold, warm it up (vehicle heater).
3. Screw the connector onto the tire valve.
4. Hold bottle vertically and spray the compete volume into the tire.
Immediately drive at 10-15 k.p.h. so that the product can be optimally distributed around the tire. Check the tire pressure as soon as possible and find a repair shop.
IMPORTANT: Tire pressure monitoring systems in tires can be destroyed by the solvents contained in the product.