Liqui Moly Tire Bright Foam 400ml Aerosol Tyre Shine Protector 1609

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Product Description

Cleans, maintains and protects tires in a single operation. Optically enhances weathered tire walls and gives them back their original appearance and suppleness.
- easy to use
- does not contain flammable solvents
- odorless
- cleaning and care
For cleaning, maintaining and protecting tires. Do not use on hot, chrome-plated or magnesium rims. Not suitable for two-wheeled vehicles.
Shake can vigorously before use. Then spray on the Tire Bright Foam in a thin, even layer and allow it take effect for a few minutes. Rinse off with water if necessary. After application, test brakes at a moderate speed as any silicone film on the brake discs must be removed for the brakes to operate to optimum effect again.