Liqui Moly Synthetic Brake Fluid Racing Bottle Hydraulic 250ml 3679

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Product Description

Synthetic brake fluid for extreme operating conditions. The inhibitors it contains prevent the corrosion of metallic brake components and reduce oxidation at increased temperatures. Specially designed to withstand the very high braking temperatures in racing applications. The brake fluid has an excellent wet and dry boiling point and ensures
safe braking even after extended periods of use and after absorption of small amounts of moisture.
Special additives prevent the premature build-up of vapor bubbles.
- excellent low temperature behavior
- high thermal stability
- assures a high degree of lubricating action on all moving components in the hydraulic brake circuit
- outstanding protection against the formation of steam bubbles
- extremely high wet and dry boiling points
- excellent viscosity/temperature properties
- miscible and compatible with high-quality synthetic brake fluids
- excellent elastomer compatibility
ISO 4925 Class 4
SAE J 1703
SAE J 1704
Areas of application
Exceptionally well-suited for the use of all disk and drum brake systems, as well as clutch systems for which a synthetic brake fluid of this specification is prescribed. The brake fluid is also suitable for use in ABS brake systems.
Note: Note the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications!
Miscible and compatible with all high-quality synthetic brake fluids. The optimal period of use for this brake fluid is, however, only ensured when it is used alone. For use in road driving, the Racing Brake Fluid must be changed completely after max. 12 months.