Liqui Moly Screw Grip 20 G High Quality 3811

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Product Description

Paste-like fluid which significantly boosts the static friction between the tool and the screw or nut being turned. This allows screw connections that are difficult to access to be protected from damage or damaged screws to be easily loosened again. The treated product contains biocides as protective agents.
- also suitable for overhead work
- no materials on the tool wallet
- simple to use
- clean application
- increases the friction
Areas of application
Screw Grip is suitable for unscrewing all slot, cross, Torx and socket head screws as well as hexagon head screws.
Shake well before use. Place a single drop of Screw Grip in or around the damaged screw head. Repeatedly accurately position and move tool so that the crystals anchor into each other. The tool will soon find its grip and the screw can be loosened without any difficulty.