Liqui Moly Scratch Stop Scratch Remover Polish 200ml 2320

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Product Description

A silicone free polishing paste suitable for universal use. The product can be used to remove scratches, overspray, swirl marks and uneven finish on solid or metallic paintwork. It is also suitable for matt plastic parts as well as polycarbonate headlight lenses, and can be applied either manually or with a buffer.
- prepares surfaces for painting
- easy removal of weathered paint layers
- silicone-free
- simple to use
Areas of application
Specially developed product for the removal of scratches. Suitable for colored and metallic paints. Ideally suited for treating dulled plastic windows or headlights made of polycarbonate.
Wash the vehicle thoroughly before application. Shake well before use. Use a cloth or sponge to apply and work into the affected area while using light pressure (polish with a foam buffing machine at 1,500 to 2,000 rpm). Use caution near body panel edges, as the product is abrasive. Wipe off any polish residue using a clean cloth (preferably a microfibre cloth).