Liqui Moly Silicone Spray ProLine 400ML Grease Interior Exterior Use 7389

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Product Description

Silicone-based release agent, lubricant and protective agent free of mineral oils and greases. Suitable for internal and external use. Protects, lubricates, maintains and insulates. Does not stain. Has an antistatic effect. Eliminates squeaks, creaking and sluggishness. Offers long-lasting protection against wear. Versatile application, particularly in areas where oil or grease-based lubricants are not desired or would interfere with subsequent finishing work.
- Impregnates
- Outstanding release agent during inert gas shielded arc welding
- Insulates
- Eliminates squeaks
- Pleasant odor
- Clean application
- Protects and cares for all plastics
Automotive area:
Plastic parts such as fenders, radiator grilles, spoilers, lining strips, vinyl car roofs, etc. get a high gloss and do not crack. Maintains rubber parts such as door and hood strips, bumpers, impact strips, radiator hoses etc. so they do not become brittle, do not freeze and do not stick. Ensures that sliding roof and seat guides, rollers of seat belts etc. run smoothly. Prevents squeaking and creaking noises between different materials, e.g. metal/plastic, etc.
Industrial area: Can be used as an assembly aid for hose connections and seals, for instance. Protects electrical contacts from moisture. For lubrication points requiring a mineral oil-free lubricant. Prevents squeaking and creaking noises between different materials, e.g. metal/plastic etc. Suitable as a release agent in inert gas welding. For lubricating transport and conveyor belts, as an assembly aid in manufacturing (rubber and plastic components), for lubricating movable plastic parts in machines, for lubricating plastic gearwheels and for maintaining coin and vending machines.
Spray thinly and evenly on the parts to be treated. Repeat treatment if necessary. Do not work in the vicinity of painted areas. Do not spray on food or on parts of machinery that come into direct contact with food. The fold-out capillary tube ensures precision spraying. With the capillary tube folded in, large areas are sprayed. Also sprays when inverted.