Liqui Moly Rapid Rust Solvent Pro Line 400ML Dissolves Rust Dirt 7390

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Product Description

Extremely fast rust solvent with outstanding creep effect. Rapidly frees seized bolts and nuts. Penetrates even the narrowest of openings. Infiltrates and dissolves rust through capillary action. Frees otherwise permanently seized screws in an instant. Dissolves dirt and protects against corrosion by displacing water. Rapid penetration and outstanding creep effect ensure low friction between the components to be freed.
- Dissolves rust
- Penetrates fast
- Does not attack plastics, rubber and paints
- Excellent penetration action
- Good corrosion protection
- Penetrates and drives out moisture
- Extremely low friction
- Also suitable for overhead work
- Clean application
Suitable for the business and workshop as well as on vehicles and on all household and hobby appliances.
Automotive area: Precise spot application allows the targeted treatment of screw connections and seals around bearings. Infiltrates and frees screw connections in all vehicle parts that have been attacked by corrosion.
Industrial area: For freeing all seized screw connections and bearings. Can be used as a release agent and preservative for metal plates. If the capillary tube is left folded in, corrosion protection can be applied to large areas. Can be used to facilitate assembly of bearings and slideways.
Shake well before use. Depending on application, spray on in the desired quantity. The fold-out capillary tube ensures precision spraying. With the capillary tube folded in, large areas are sprayed. Spray large areas without the capillary tube from about 20-25 cm. Also sprays when inverted.