Liqui Moly Pro Line PTFE Powder Spray 400ML Oil Free Grease Free 7384

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Product Description

Grease-free lubricant and release agent based on PTFE (Teflon or polytetrafluoroethylene). Eliminates squeaking, creaking and stiffness and offers longlasting protection against wear. The dry lubricant does not attract dirt or dust.
- high chemical resistance
- free of oil, grease and silicones
- easy to use
- extremely low friction
- eliminates squeaks
- suitable for care, protection and insulation
- wide operating temperature range
For optimal lubrication of moving parts such as slide rails, joints, locking parts, belt mechanisms, etc. As a separating agent or to eliminate noise of coverings for almost all materials. Particularly suitable in areas where lubricants containing oil and silicone impair the finishing work.
The surface to be treated must be free of grease, clean and dry. Apply thin coats and leave to dry in between treatments. The fold-out capillary tube ensures precision spraying. With the capillary tube folded in, large areas are sprayed. Also sprays when inverted.