Liqui Moly LM47 High-Quality Long-life Grease + MoS2 400g 3520

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Product Description

High quality special grease. The MoS2 content provides the selected base grease with outstanding lubricity and high performance properties that normal grease simply does not have. During operation, a permanently adhering, ultra-thin molybdenum disulfide film forms on the sliding points. This film retains its lubricating action for a long time even after the grease supply completely fails. Extremely long lasting lubricity, transportable in central lubrication systems.
- increases operational reliability
- especially resistant to cold and hot water
- good corrosion protection
- can be delivered by centralized lubrication systems
- economical
- universal application
- high resistance to aging
- highest load-carrying capacity
- outstanding lubricating action
- distinctive high-pressure characteristics
- friction and wear reducing
Areas of application
For general use under extreme conditions. For the assembly, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, machine tools, construction machinery and presses. For high loaded bearings and joints, splined shafts, threads and guides. Suitable for constant velocity (CV) joints.
As usual when using grease. Follow the instructions of the bearing manufacturer.