Liqui Moly LM 40 Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricates and Maintains Corrosion Protection 400ml 3391

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Product Description

Combination of active agents with corrosion protection, rust removing and water displacing properties and outstanding lubricating effect. Also improves electrical conductivity at contacts and removes dirt and stubborn oil and grease residues. Keeps moving parts in all areas from seizing up. With a pleasant aroma thanks to coconut fragrances.
- optimum penetration properties
- dissolves rust - good water resistance
- lubricates and maintains
- good corrosion protection
- improves electrical conductivity
- releases dirt
- friction and wear reducing
- silicone-free
- keeps moving parts from seizing up
- does not attack plastics, paints, metals and wood
- universal application
Areas of application
The outstanding combination of active agents enables and extremely varied range of applications in the home, leisure time and in the workshop and industry.
Spray the area to be treated and leave it to take effect.