Liqui Moly Invisible Glove Hand Protection Air Permeable Cream 650ML 3334

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Product Description

Liqui Moly Invisible Gloves is used to protect hands before work or after every handwash before they are heavily contaminated. Invisible Gloves is supplied in the form of an air permeable paste. This product prevents dirt from lodging in the pores of the skin. Its soft and gentle constituents have been shown to protect the skin in numerous dermatological tests. Due to its special composition, Invisible Gloves is up to 95% biodegradable and is dirt repellant.
Dermatologically tested
Dirt repellent
Protects and cares for the skin
Neutral to skin
Areas of application
Universal application for protection against dirt, tar, bitumen, dyes, aggressive cleaning agents, oils, greases, solvents and alcohol etc.


Spread Liqui Moly Invisible Gloves evenly onto clean, dry hands. Rub into the skin paying particular attention to the sensitive tips of the fingers. Repeat the application depending on how frequently you wash your hands but at least every four hours.
For information on proper care, see our skin protection plan, Part no. 6243.