Liqui Moly Injector & Glow Plug Dismantling Aid Aerosol Spray 400ml 3379

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Product Description

Heavy-duty solvent for seized injectors, glow and spark plugs. Undermines accumulated dirt and corrosion and enables easy removal. Outstanding cleaning properties allow stubborn oil residues, resinification and encrusted dirt to be removed easily.
- releases seized up and rusted on parts
- problem-free disassembly possible
- easily dissolves stubborn dirt
- dissolves rust
Areas of application
For dismantling seized injectors, glow and spark plugs.
Shake can vigorously before use. Thoroughly spray the carbon deposits to be removed and allow to take effect for 15-30 minutes. Then remove accumulated dirt and disassemble injectors, glow or spark plugs. With heavy dirt, allow the solvent to work overnight. If they are heavily corroded, loosen the injectors first with Rapid Rust Solvent (part no. 1612).