Liqui Moly Hybrid Additive Electric Engine Cleaner Fuel Stabilizer 1001

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Product Description

Additive specially developed for the latest hybrid engines. With outstanding cleaning effect adapted to the engine technology. Removes deposits and protects against corrosion. Stabilizes the fuel and protects against aging and oxidation. Hybrid vehicles are characterized by low fuel consumption and in some cases purely electric driving. This results in the gasoline engine frequently being operated when cold, as well as being started and stopped. The fuel also remains in the tank for a relatively long time.
- prevents the build-up of deposits
- optimum stability to aging
- good corrosion protection
- fuel economy
- stabilizes the fuel over extended service time
- suitable for engines with intake-manifold injection and direct injection
- cleans the injection system and the combustion chamber
- reduces pollutant emissions
- reduces CO2 emissions
Areas of application
Suitable for all hybrid vehicles with gasoline engine. To be added directly into the fuel tank. 250 ml is sufficient for up to 75 liters of fuel (dosage 1:300)
Add the additive directly to the tank. One can is sufficient for 75 l of gasoline.