Liqui Moly Frost Guard Concentrated -52 °C Winter Screen Wash Deicer 21757

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Product Description

Window Antifreeze Concentrate -52°C is a state-of the-art formulation containing antifreeze and surfactant cleaning components designed for use in passenger and commercial vehicle windscreen washer units according to the mixture table. This product does not attack plastics and is therefore also suitable for vehicles with windscreen washer units made from polycarbonate.
- Assures a clear view and safety
- Highly economical
- Excellent cleaning effect
- Does not attack plastics, rubber and paints
- Methanol-free
- Suitable for fish-tail nozzles
- Gentle cleaning
- With anti-lime scale formula
- Increases driving safety
- Suitable for polycarbonate
- Prevents the windshield washer unit from freezing up
Suitable for all windscreen washer units on passenger and commercial vehicles.
Dilute Windscreen Antifreeze Concentrate with water according to the desired degree of frost protection.

Causes serious eye irritation.Flammable liquid and vapour.May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.