LIQUI MOLY Engine Preserver Against Rust & Corrosion 300ml 1420

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Product Description

Engine Internal Preservative is a combination of highquality corrosion inhibitors formulated for the longterm preservation of all two- and four-stroke petrol and diesel engines.
Long-time protection against rust and corrosion.
High reliability, simple handling.
Compatible with all motor oils.
- long-term corrosion protection
- miscible with all commercially available motor oils
- high spreading rate
- simple to use
For the long-term protection of all two- and fourstroke petrol and diesel engines such as passenger vehicle, heavy goods vehicle and boat engines and motorbikes, lawnmowers, snow-clearance equipment, emergency power units and pumps etc.
Preservation is carried out via the carburettor, spark plug hole, injector or glow plug depending on the type of engine.
Two-stroke engines
Remove the air filter. With the engine running at low revs, spray Engine Internal Preservative into the carburettor for 10-20 sec., switch off the engine and remove the spark plugs. Spray Engine Internal Preservative into the cylinder for about 5 seconds and turn the engine by hand.
Four-stroke engines
Remove, spark plugs, injectors or glow plugs and spray Engine Internal Preservative into the cylinder for 5-10 seconds (depending on the size of engine). Turn the engine by hand or via the starter and replace the spark plugs, injectors or glow plugs.