Liqui Moly DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner Pro-Line 1L 5169

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Product Description

Highly effective fluid for cleaning clogged passenger car diesel particulate filters when installed. Dissolves hardened, dense and encrusted contaminants on the surface of diesel particulate filters. Secures optimum vehicle handling, engine performance and low fuel consumption. Regular cleaning in combination with flushing can help avoid expensive repairs.
- regeneration aid for diesel particulate filters
- guarantees low fuel consumption
- optimal engine performance
- reduces operating costs
Areas of application
For passenger car diesel engines with diesel particulate filter (DPF/FAP). Special short-distance vehicles and city vehicles are primarily affected by problems with clogged diesel particulate filters.
Cleaning is performed with the DPF Pressurized Tank Spray Gun (part no. 7946) and the specially developed DPF Probe with 5 interchangeable tips (part no. 7945). Depending on the type of vehicle, establish access to the diesel particulate filter. On most vehicles, remove the temperature or pressure sensor of the diesel particulate filter for this. Note: The temperature of the particulate filter during cleaning should be less than 40 °C. In some vehicles the diesel particulate filter is located near the exhaust manifold or in some cases the turbocharger rather than on the underbody. For safety reasons, extreme care must be taken when cleaning these vehicles to ensure that no cleaning or flushing fluid gets into the combustion chamber through an exhaust valve that has been left open. Introduce the appropriate Pro-Line Spray Probe for the type of vehicle into the particulate filter through the opening that is created. The total amount of ProLine Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner (1 l) is sprayed directly onto the surface of the particulate filter in several intervals of 5 ? 10 seconds with a break of 5 ? 10 seconds in each case at an operating pressure of 6 ? 8 bar. In order to coat the entire surface to the greatest possible extent, turn the probe and move it back and forth when cleaning. Wait approx. 15 minutes to allow the cleaner to take effect. Then flush the particulate filter with the total amount of Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner (500 ml). Processing is likewise performed with the DPF Pressurized Tank Spray Gun at the same intervals as for the cleaning fluid. The cleaning dissolves the soot enough and distributes it in the particulate filter so that it can be burned off with normal regeneration. After the sensor has been reinstalled, the service operation or the workshop must initiate a regeneration as per the manufacturer?s specifications.
Attention: Refer to the safety data sheet for the protective measures to be taken when handling the product.
Attention: Following application depressurize the pressure tank and drain it completely. The gun must not be stored with material in the tank.