Liqui Moly Copper Spray Grease Premium Quality Anti-Seize 250ml 1520

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Product Description

Copper-colored release agent and lubricant in aerosol form for machine elements which are subjected to high thermal stress. Especially suitable for problemfree dismantling after long periods of operation.
- eliminates squeaks
- long-term corrosion protection
- resistant to hot water, salt water and splash water
- prevents transmission of vibration
- universal application
- protects from welding and seizing
- lubricant and release effect
- high bond strength
- resistant to acceleration forces
- outstanding thermal stability
Noise damping and repairs in the entire brake range* (e.g. disk brakes and drum brakes), corrosion protection and lubrication of components (e.g. hinges, joints, screws, etc.), lubrication and separation protection before fusion, seizing of components under high thermal load (e.g. exhaust, heat exchanger, boiler, turbines, fittings, etc.).
* Please note the manufacturer's instructions with regard to products which contain copper.
Clean the parts to be treated such as the back of brake shoes, contact surfaces and fasteners. Apply an appropriate amount of Copper Spray.
Repairs and preventive maintenance
Clean the parts to be treated. Apply an appropriate amount of Copper Spray according to the maintenance instructions.
Handling the aerosol can
Shake can vigorously until the balls have worked free. After use, clear spray nozzle (hold can with spray head upside down) by spraying until only pure propellant emerges.