Liqui Moly Ceramic Rust Solvent Freeze Shock Effect Rust Remover 300ml 1641

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Product Description

Rapidly frees seized bolts and nuts. The freeze shock that occurs when spraying on breaks open the rust on the surface so as to allow the product to better penetrate even the tightest of spaces. The micro ceramic particles contained provide for low friction and improve the lubricating action when loosening bolts and nuts.
Also prevents the build-up of corrosion and does not attack plastic, paint or metal.
- Does not attack plastics, paints and metals
- Dissolves rust
- Good water separation
- Penetrtes fast
- Good corrosion protection
- Low coefficient of friction
For freeing rusted and corroded metal parts such as screws, bolts and other moving parts in factories and workshops, as well as for hobbies and in the household.
Spray a generous amount onto bolts or nuts to be loosened, then briefly allow the product to act (commensurate with the degree of corrosion build-up, as is common with all rust solvents) before loosening. Repeat the process in extreme cases.