Liqui Moly Car Washing & Wax Varnish Car Shampoo Detailing Paint 1L 1542

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Product Description

For rapid paintwork care for intermediate use. Maintains, protects and restores the luster in one go. Effortlessly removes dirt and leaves no lime deposits. Facilitates leathering and enhances the vehicle's appearance by increasing the luster. Offers reliable protection against weathering and aggressive environmental influences.
- high washing and cleaning efficiency
- suitable for polycarbonate
- protects the paintwork against aggressive effects from the weather and the environment
- cleaning and sealing in a single process
- with carnauba wax
Areas of application
Suitable for all paint surfaces
Shake product vigorously before use. Then mix with water. 30 ml (approx. 2 caps) is sufficient for 10 l of water. Apply and spread with a sponge. After this, rinse well with water and leather the surface. Regular application gives the optimum results.
Important: Do not use on heated paints or surfaces or in direct sunlight! Check for suitability and compatibility before using.