Liqui Moly SL6 Brake Fluid DOT 4 Synthetic based for Brake & Clutch 1 litre 21168

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Product Description

Synthetic brake fluid based on glycol ethers and their boric acid esters. Has a high boiling point and wet boiling point, thus ensuring safe braking even after the absorption of some moisture over an extended period of use.
Exceptionally well-suited for use in hydraulic brake and clutch systems in vehicles for which a synthetic brake fluid is prescribed. Ideal for vehicles equipped with safety systems such as ESP/DSC, ABS and/or ASR.

FMVSS 116 DOT 3/116
ISO 4925 Class 6
SAE J 1703/J 1704
Audi 501 14 (TL 766-Z)
BMW QV 34 001
GM Europe GMW 3356
Seat 501 14 (TL 766-Z)
Skoda 501 14 (TL 766-Z)
VW 501 14 (TL 766-Z)
outstanding thermal stability - extremely high wet and dry boiling points - outstanding elastomer compatibility - highest thermal stability - outstanding protection against the formation of steam bubbles - assures a high degree of lubricating action on all moving components in the hydraulic brake circuit - miscible and compatible with high-quality synthetic brake fluids
Compatible with high quality synthetic brake fluids. However, optimum product performance is only possible when the product is used unmixed. Always follow manufacturers instructions
Caution: Brake fluid corrodes the paintwork of cars; in the event of spillage, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not use in mineral oil-based central hydraulic systems.