Liqui Moly Brake & Clutch Cleaner Pump Spray Bottle 1L Capacity 3316

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Product Description

Spray bottle with hand pump. For applying a variety of chemicals. With its chemically resistant Viton seal material, this pump can be used universally. Capacity 0.9 l cleaning liquid.
- universal application
- simple to use
- outstanding chemical resistance
Areas of application
Universal use for applying and atomizing chemicals such as Rust Solvent, Rapid Cleaner, Multi Spray, Leak Detector and Universal Cleaner.
Fill the Pump Spray Bottle with the chemicals for which it is designed. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of 0.9 litre. Pressurise the bottle by working the pump up and down and adjust to the desired spray pattern by rotating the nozzle. Clean the container and pump when switching over to a different fluid.
When the bottle is under pressure, relieve the pressure at the spray lever or by carefully loosening the bottle before opening it. Attention: For safety reasons no acid products may be processed with the pump-spray bottle! The material compatibility was only checked in combination with the specified LIQUI MOLY products.