Liqui Moly Brake Anti Squeal Paste + Brush Anti-Seize Grease 200ml 3074

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Product Description

A special synthetic lubricant for the brake system. Extremely adherent, resistant to road salt and splash water. Prevents and eliminates squealing noises that occur between brake caliper pistons or contact points and the brake lining. Secures the function of the entire brake system and prevents seizing or rust freezing of the rims on the wheel hub. Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +1200 °C. For the entire brake system at disk brake pads, studs, pins as well as contact points for drum brakes. Separating paste for centering rings on aluminum rims, connection points between rims and wheel hubs and other plugged and screwed connections
outstandingly adherent
eliminates squeaks
extremely low friction
good corrosion protection
outstanding thermal stability
easy to use
resistant to road salt and splash water
ideally suited as a separating paste

With floating brake calipers, first clean all sliding surfaces, channels and contact surfaces using a brush or brake file. Next, clean the brake components with Rapid Cleaner (Part no. 3318). After evaporation of the solvents, apply the paste to the cleaned parts at all sliding surfaces, channels and contact surfaces.