Liqui Moly Automotive Electronic Spray 3110 Contact Cleaner 200ml

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Product Description

Fully synthetic contact spray which is compatible with plastics and formulated for use on vehicle electronic and electrical systems. Contains no silicones or mineral, animal or vegetable based oils.
- cleans contaminated contacts
- good water separation
- good corrosion protection
- penetrates layers of oxides and sulphides
- drives out moisture
- reduces contact resistance
- silicone-free
Used for the care and maintenance (cleaning and protection) of all electrical components on the motor vehicle such as plug and terminal connections, lamp sockets, cable distribution boxes, switch elements, relays, ignition distributors, contact breakers, starters, dynamos/alternators, fuses, battery terminals and antennae and for the lubrication of fine mechanical components.
Spray components before installing them. If the contacts are heavily corroded, allow the product to act for longer and rub off corrosion residues with a cloth or brush.
Note: After spraying on, allow a flash-off period of 10 min. before connecting the component to a power supply.