Liqui Moly Automatic Transmission Cleaner 300ml Made in Germany 2512

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Product Description

Highly effective cleaning fluid for dissolving deposits and residues in automatic transmissions. Ensures optimal shifting performance and prolongs transmission service life. These highly effective detergent and dispersant additives in association with the carrier fluid have been successfully tested in the laboratory and in practical field trials for their ability to dissolve sludge and lacquer formers.
- no pollution to the environment
- simple to use
- does not attack common sealing materials
- assures optimum shifting performance
- rapid cleaning - gentle cleaning
- highly economical
Areas of application
Suitable for all automatic transmissions.
Before changing the automatic transmission fluid, add the contents of the can to the gear oil when it is at operating temperature through the dipstick opening using a funnel. Allow the engine to run in neutral for approx. 10 minutes and shift through all gears at least twice with the vehicle in a stationary position. Change the oil and filters after cleaning with the appropriate LIQUI MOLY gear oil. The contents of one 300 ml can are sufficient to treat 6-9 liters of oil. Can also be used in all commercial automatic transmission cleaning devices. Always observe the work instructions of the equipment manufacturer!