Liqui Moly 5W20 C5 Special Tec F Eco Engine Oil Ford Jaguar Land Rover 3841

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Product Description

Low-friction motor oil based on synthetic technology and advanced additive technology developed specifically for the requirements of Ford gasoline engines. Deposits are reliably prevented, superior lubrication reliability ensured and high fuel economy made possible. In regard to wear resistance the requirements of the older Ford standard WSS-M2C913-C are met and even exceeded in some aspects.
- high resistance to aging
- rapid oil delivery at low temperatures
- outstanding lubrication reliability
- tested for catalytic converters
- outstanding engine cleanliness
- highest fuel economy
- stable to oxidation
Specifications and approvals:
Ford WSS-M2C 948-B
Jaguar / Land Rover STJLR.03.5004
Areas of application
The specifications from Ford Company (WSSM2C948-B) are required for Ford gasoline engines with the exception of (Ford Ka (08/2008), Focus ST (2004.75 with 2.5 l Duratec-ST (VI5) engine und Focus RS (2004.75 with 2.5 l Duratec-ST (VI5) engine). The motor oil of the standard WSS-M2C948-B is stipulated for all routine services, warranty, recall and warranty service activities on 1.0 l 3-cylinder EcoBoost engines. In addition, it is fully compatible with older versions. Ford recommends its use for all engines for which oils of specifications WSS-M2C913-B, WSS-M2C913-C or WSS-M2C925-B were currently required.
The operating regulations of the vehicle and engine manufacturers must be followed.