DINITROL Underbody Full Kit RC900 ML Cavity Wax 4941 Underbody Coat LWB VAN DIN57

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Product Description

 This Kit is suitable to undercoat LONG WHEEL BASE vehicle the size of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or similar.

Below you will find Step by Step instructions how to use this kit.


DINITROL RC 900 is a rust converter based on an organic chelate complex combined with epoxy resin. It actively converts the rust on the substrate into a stable organic iron complex. When the product dries, it forms an impenetrable barrier to further corrosion. DINITROL RC 900 penetrates about 7-10 times deeper into the rust than conventional rust conversion products and forms a dry and strong adhesive film that is suitable as a base for the lacquer structure and as a carrier for other corrosion protection products.
Polymer film formed on converted rust
Deep effect
Easy application
Deep working properties
Over paintable
Technical Data
Colour amber-coloured
Appearance solution
Film type hard
Density 0,9 g/cm3
Viscosity 118 cSt
Solids 16%
Recommended film thickness 130 µm
Yield ~ 60 g/m² per coat
Drying time 24 hours at 20°C
Storage time 10 years (between 15°C and 25°C)
Available in 400 ml Spray
DINITROL ML was developed for use in closed cavities such as doors, frame parts and external hinges and gaps. The product can be used as corrosion protection for used cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.
Extremely Penetrating
Stops ongoing corrosion
Water displacing
Oily, flexible film
Wet in wet with bitumen vehicle Underbody coating
Technical Data
Colour brown
Type of film oily, greasy
Density at 23°C 860 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C, (DIN 2) 60 seconds
Dry matter content 46% by weight
Flash point 40°C
Aromatic content in solvent < 1 %
Recommended film thickness 10 ?m
Recommended film thickness wet 30 ?m
Drying time 1 hour
Heat resistance 80°C
Low temperature adhesion < - 40°C
Salt spray test > 96 hours
Penetration in 50 ?m wide gap > 70 mm
Effect on car paint none
Removability White Spirit
Available in 1 L Miniservice / 5L Pail / 20 L Pail
60 L Drum / 208 L Drum / Container
DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR is a long term protective product. The product leaves a firm, black film with short drying time and good adhesion and flexibility on all metal surfaces, rubber and plastic parts.
OEM references
Robust universal film
Easily applied
Good abrasion resistance
Component protection
Technical Data
Colour - black
Type of film - hard, waxy
Density at 23°C - approx. 1100 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C - 800 mPas
Dry matter content - 69% by weight
Flash point - 36°C
Aromatic content in solvent - 0,5%
Recommended film thickness wet - 700 ?m
Recommended layer thickness - 300 ? 500 ?m
Drying time - 6 ? 12 Stunden through dry
Low temperature adhesion - -20°C
Removability - Hydrocarbon solvents
Heat resistance - 130°C
Salt spray resistance, 300 ?m - 1500 hours

Step One
Before starting the DIY rustproofing wash the vehicle from dirt and grease and allow to completely dry
Once dry, mask up any areas that you do not want to spray. Wear suitable protective clothing and place plastic floor covering under the vehicle to protect the surface from product drips. You may also require a wire brush to remove any loose material to find the solid base metal.
Step Two
Treat any rust present on the vehicle with the specialist RC900 Convertor product
Remove any flaking rust and apply the DINITROL® RC900 Rust convertor to the remaining rust making sure the edges are coated to ensure a good seal. This will convert rust into a stable organic iron complex. Drying time is up to 24 hours
Step Three
Spray ML cavity wax into all vehicle underbody box sections
Using an injection pipe or extension nozzle start to inject the product into internal bodywork and chassis cavities. Please note injection pipes or extended hose are for cavity wax applications only and not for applying vehicle underbody coatings. Drying time is up to 2-3 hours
Step Four
Also apply a thin coat of the ML cavity wax to the underbody of the vehicle
Spraying a thin coat (light misting) of cavity wax prior to applying the underbody coating softens up any existing coating that may be present and helps with the adhesion of the underbody or stone chip coating. Cavity waxes also contain rust inhibitors whilst the underbody coating combats the highly corrosive effects of road salt and abrasion. Does not have to dry
Step Five
Apply the underbody coating 4941 over the underbody cavity wax layer, this can be done while still wet
In some circumstances when working in a cold environment it may be necessary to warm the underbody coating (up to the room temperature) prior to spraying due to being much thicker than the cavity wax. To obtain the optimum protection a typical thickness of 2mm wet should be applied this will dry to around 1mm. Drying time is up to 12 hours
Step Six
Finally remember to clean any excess or overspray from the vehicle
To clean equipment use Benzene based spirit. Your vehicle is now protected from corrosion, please remember to inspect the underbody annually and touch the coating where necessary to check the surface in more detail.
Drying times may vary based on the environment. Times are estimate based on dry, room temperature environment ,
This kit product quantities are estimated to the size of the average car in similar class and may vary.
If you are not sure if this Undercoat kit will be suitable for your size of car, please send us a message with car details so we can advise on the correct Underbody treatment kit.