Dinitrol ML Rust Proofing Cavity Wax 1L Can Box Section Door Chassis 1107001

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Product Description

DINITROL ML was developed for use in closed cavities such as doors, frame parts and external hinges and gaps. The product can be used as corrosion protection for used cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Extremely Penetrating
Stops ongoing corrosion
Water displacing
Oily, flexible film
Wet in wet with bitumen vehicle Underbody coating

DINITROL ML is designed for application into closed cavities such as doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices. The product can be used for rust-proofing of second-hand cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. Application temperature should be between 15 and 30°C.

Method of use
DINITROL ML is applied by spraying with manual or semi-automatic.
DINITROL application equipment, and is suitable for either air-mixed or airless spraying.

Pre-treatment Substrates
DINITROL ML is possible to apply on mois and corroded surfaces. For the best result, loose corrosion shall be removed before application.

Over-Coating / 2-Layer-Application
DINITROL ML can be over-applied with any of the DINITROL bitumen underbody coatings. For additional information, please consult DINOL GmbH.

The product shall be stored at 15 – 30°C and the shelf life is then 2 years in unopened original packages.

Technical Data
Colour brown
Type of film oily, greasy
Density at 23°C 860 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C, (DIN 2) 60 seconds
Dry matter content 46% by weight
Flash point 40°C
Aromatic content in solvent < 1 %
Recommendes film thickness 10 μm
Recommended film thickness wet 30 μm
Drying time 1 hour
Heat resistance 80°C
Low temperature adhesion < - 40°C
Salt spray test > 96 hours
Penetration in 50 μm wide gap > 70 mm
Effect on car paint none
Removability White Spirit
Available in 1 L Miniservice / 5L Pail / 20 L Pail
60 L Drum / 208 L Drum / Container