Dinitrol Metallic Brown Rust Proofing Car Underbody Wax Brown 500ML Aerosol 1115301

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Product Description

DINITROL Metallic is an underbody product for the treatment of vehicles during production, in import facilities and for the repairs market. When applied to a clean, dry surface, it adheres to both lacquered surfaces and those coated with PVC or similar. Zinc, rubber and plastics remain completely unimpaired. Clean and economical treatment during production is guaranteed by the simple applicability of the product and its high solid content. DINITROL Metallic is suitable for use with spare parts, machines and iron and steel structures in very corrosive environments. It is also suitable as a corrosion inhibitor during transport and storage as well as for longer-term transport or storage under extremely corrosive conditions.
Temperature resistant
Low temperature flexible
Stonechip resistance
Excellent corrosion protection
DINITROL METALLIC is an underbody protection product which is used in vehicle construction and repair. Applied onto a dry and clean surface, it adheres well to lacquered substrates, as well as those treated with PVC or similar.
Zinc, rubber and plastic surfaces are not attacked by the product. The product’s excellent application properties and high solid content guarantee clean and easy processing.
DINITROL METALLIC is suitable for protecting untreated surfaces, machines, and iron and steel objects in highly corrosive environments. DINITROL METALLIC can be used for transport and storage protection in extreme conditions.
Method of use
Leave the aerosol at room temperature (16 − 20°C). Shake the can before use until the steel ball can clearly be heard. The surface must be dry and free from rust and grease. Spray at a distance of 20 − 30 cm.
In order to achieve optimal corrosion protection, a wet film of 1 − 2 mm should be applied. Thicker layers can be applied in areas where a higher degree of protection is required against mechanical factors. Leave to dry at room temperature.
In order to prevent any valve blockages, hold the can downwards after use and briefly spray pure gas.
Pre-treatment Substrates
The surface must be clean, dry and free from corrosion. DINITROL Metallic can be applied in two layer systems with e g DINITROL ML and DINITROL 3650 as pre-treatment.
Over-Coating / 2-Layer-Application
DINITROL Metallic shall not be over-painted or over-applied. For additional information, please consult DINOL GmbH.
The product should be stored at 15 – 30°C and the shelf life is then 2 years.
Technical Data
Colour brown
Type of film hard, waxy
Density at 23°C 1090 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C 800 mPas
Dry matter content 62 % by weight
Flash point 41°C
Aromatic content in solvent < 0,5%
Recommendes film thickness wet 700 μm
Recommended film thickness 300 – 500 μm
Drying time 6 – 12 hours
Low temperature adhesion - 20°C
Effect on car paint none
Removability White Spirit
Heat resistance > 130°C
Salt spray test 1500 hours
Application temperature 15 – 30°C
Available in 1 L Can, 60 L Drum, 208 L Drum, 900 L Container