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Product Description

DINITROL 3125 HS does not crack, burst or flake and is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces for vehicles, trucks and buses. The product is particularly suitable for use in old vehicles where corrosion is visible on the undercarriage. Areas that have been badly damaged by corrosion can be treated together with DINITROL ML
Dark brown
High Solids
Long term permanent
Low temperature resistant
Drip resistant
Cavity wax protection
DINITROL 3125 HS is a solvent borne rust preventative specially formulated, with a high dry matter content, to minimise environmental pollution and occupational exposure during on-line application.
Main Properties Are As Follows:
High dry matter content
Good film building properties
No dripping
DINITROL 3125 HS is designed for application mainly as a cavity protection and a thin underbody coating. Main objects to be treated are used vehicles with some corrosion present. For improved performance on more corroded surfaces, DINITROL ML or DINITROL ML HS can be used as a pre-treatment. The slightly thixotropic nature of the product ensures an evenly applied film to the required thickness and strength.
Method of Use
DINITROL 3125 HS may be applied by spraying with manual, semi or fully automatic equipment and is suitable for airless spraying on to a clean dry surface.
Pre-treatment Substrates
To improve performance on more corroded surfaces
DINITROL ML or DINITROL ML HS can be used as pretreatment. The slightly thixotropic nature of the product ensures a uniformly applied film of the required thickness and strength.
Over-Coating / 2-Layer-Application
DINITROL 3125 HS can be applied on DINITROL ML in a 2-layer system. DINITROL 3125 HS can be over applied with any DINITROL bitumen based Underbody Coating. Film thickness of DINITROL 3125 HS shall then not exceed 50 microns wet film thickness.
For additional information, please consult DINOL GmbH.
The product should be stored at 15 - 30°C and is then having a shelf life of 2 years in unopened original packages.
Technical Data
Colour dark brown
Type of film soft, waxy
Density at 23°C 980 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C, DIN 4 55 seconds
Dry matter content 68% by weight
Flash point 41°C
Aromatic content in solvent < 0,5%
Recommended film thickness wet 50 ? 300 ?m
Recommended film thickness 30 ? 200 ?m
Drying time 2 hours
Low temperature adhesion -30°C
Heat resistance -120°C at 50 ?m
Salt spray test > 500 h
Removability White spirit
Effect on car paint none
Available in 1 L Can, 60 L Drum, 208 L Drum, 1000 L Container

DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR is a long term protective product. The product leaves a firm, black film with short drying time and good adhesion and flexibility on all metal surfaces, rubber and plastic parts.
OEM references
Robust universal film
Easily applied
Good abrasion resistance
Component protection
DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR is an underbody product or use in the treatment of vehicles during production, at import plants and in aftermarket applications. When applied to a clean, dry surface, it adheres to both painted surfaces and those coated with a layer of PVC or similar material. Zinc, rubber and plastics are completely unharmed by the product.
A clean and economic treatment on the line is assured by the products ease of application and high dry matter content. DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR is also designed for use on spare parts, machines and iron and steel structures in highly corrosive environment. DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR is also very suitable as an anticorrosive coating for transport and warehousing under extremely corrosive conditions.
Method of use
DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR can be applied by manual or automatic application equipment, airless or airmix.
Recommended application and product temperature is 15 - 30°C.
Pre-treatment Substrates
DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR can be applied directly to clean, dry and corrosion free surfaces.
If corrosion is present, DINITROL ML or a DINITROL cavity
wax shall be applied before.
Over-Coating / 2-Layer-Application
DINITROL 4941 / 4941 CAR can not be over-painted.
For additional information, please consult DINOL GmbH.
Technical Data
Colour - black
Type of film - hard, waxy
Density at 23°C - approx. 1100 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C - 800 mPas
Dry matter content - 69% by weight
Flash point - 36°C
Aromatic content in solvent - 0,5%
Recommended film thickness wet - 700 ?m
Recommended layer thickness - 300 ? 500 ?m
Drying time - 6 ? 12 Stunden through dry
Low temperature adhesion - -20°C
Removability - Hydrocarbon solvents
Heat resistance - 130°C
Salt spray resistance, 300 ?m - 1500 hours

DINITROL 4010 Corroheat leaves a hard, transparent film that is resistant to both alkali and acids and is heat resistant up to a temperature of 200°C. It has a tack-free and clean film which facilitates a visual inspection of metal surfaces, reading of labels and numbers etc.
Engine protection
High temperature resistance
High adhesion
Long term protection
The adhesion and flexibility on rubber and plastic parts at both low and high temperatures are very good. Appropriate parts to be treated with DINITROL 4010 Corroheat are engine compartments, engines and other parts which have to withstand high temperatures.
DINITROL 4010 Corro heat should be applied on a clean, dry surface. High or low pressure equipment can be used, airless or air mix. Application temperature between 15 to 30°C. Product hardness, flexibility and adhesion increases at higher drying temperatures.
Substrates Surfaces shall be dry, clean and free from corrosion.
Normally not to be overpainted. For additional information, please consult DINOL GmbH.
The product should be stored at 15 ? 30°C and the shelf life is then 2 years in unopened original packages
Colour transparent beige
Type of film hard, waxy
Density at 23°C 890 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C, DIN 4 25 seconds
Dry matter content 47% by weight
Aromatic part in the solvent 0,5 %
Recommended film thickness wet 120 ?m
Recommended film thickness 40 ?m
Drying time 120 µm wet, 1 h with optimal ventilation
120 µm wet, 4-6 hours at RT 23°C 50% RH
Low temperature adhesion -30°C
Effect on car paint none
Removability within 3 months Hydrocarbon solvents
Heat resistance
Short-term 200°C
Long-term 160°C
Salt spray test (drying 24 h, 80°C) 240 hrs 40 microns dry
500 hrs 80 mircrons dry
Available in 10 L Canister / 20 L Pail / 60 L Drum / 208 L Drum

DINITROL RC 900 is a rust converter based on organic chelate complex combined with epoxy resin. It actively converts the rust on the substrate into a stable organic iron complex. When the product dries, it forms an impenetrable barrier to further corrosion. DINITROL RC 900 penetrates about 7?10 times deeper into the rust than conventional rust conversion products and forms a dry and strong adhesive film that is suitable as a base for the lacquer structure and as a carrier for other corrosion protection products.
Polymer film formed on converted rust
Deep effect
Easy application
Deep working properties
DINITROL RC 900 is designed for use on oxidized iron parts.
Method of use
Remove rust, grease and dirt with a wire brush, sand paper or a sandblasting process. Rust and scale may only be visible as slight shading. In addition to rust, the steel must also be free from dust and grease. Carefully clean with acetone or lacquer thinner. Shake the spray can well. The product should be applied in several successive coats, at a distance of approx. 25 cm.
The metal temperature should not be below 10°C. The material is dust-dry after one hour, if necessary, a further coat can be applied.
Pre-treatment Substrates
DINITROL RC 900 should be applied to corroded surfaces. Loose rust must be removed before processing.
Over-Coating / 2-Layer-Application
DINITROL RC 900 can be overapplied with most DINITROL Corrosion Prevention products and with most common complete paint systems. For additional information, please consult DINOL GmbH.
Technical Data
Colour amber-coloured
Appearance solution
Film type hard
Density 0,9 g/cm3
Viscosity 118 cSt
Solids 16%
Recommended film thickness 130 µm
Yield ~ 60 g/m² per coat
Drying time 24 hours at 20°C
Storage time 10 years (between 15°C and 25°C)
Avaialable in 400 ml Spray

Kit contains:
3 x 500ml Dinitrol 3125 Cavity Wax Aerosol
4 x 500ml Dinitrol 4941 Underbody Wax Aerosol
2 x 500ml Dinitrol 4010 Clear High Temperature Wax Aerosol
1 x 400ml Dinitrol RC900 Rust Converter Aerosol
1 x Extension Spray nozzle 600mm long
25 x 10mm Black plugs