Dinitrol High Performance Underbody Wax Clear 1L Rust Proofing 1152501

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Product Description

Milky / Transparent
Waxy film
Cavity and general applications
High temperature resistance
Water displacing
Good corrosion resistance
Good penetration
Low odour
No dripping, one hour after application
DINITROL High Performance Wax is a transparent, low viscous wax for application and corrosion preventative coating on vehicles such as trucks and busses but also for other objects where corrosion is a problem. The product is water repellent and high penetrating. Due to its waxy appearance, it also shows self-healing properties.
After drying, the film formed is resistant to temperature up to 180°C and this makes the product suitable also for applications in for example engine compartments. After drying the product does not show any odour problems when heated.
DINITROL High Performance Wax is used for cavities in doors, engins hoods, members,
re-inforcements etc. in all types of vehicles, machines and other equipment. The product is also highly suitable for applications in the following situations:
Car manufacturing
Bus manufacturing
Trailer manufacturing
Work shops
Body shops
Metal working industries
Ship yards
Method of use:
Shake before use or stir the product thoroughly. The surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry,rust-, dust- and grease free. DINITROL High Performance Wax can be applied with light airless equipment with special extension tubes with nozzles or by means of an air-line fed bun or pressure pot gun with an air-pressure of 3-6 bar. If necessary the product also can be dipped,rolled or brushed. Depending on the application the product can be thinned with a solvent. The product can be sprayed haze free and does not drip. Contaminated surfaces and filthy equipment can be simply cleaned in “fresh” condition with solvents.
Technical properties:
Colour: milky / transparent
Type of film: wax
Density at 23°C: 850 kg/m³ (Spray can 720 kg/m³)
Viscosity at 23°C: 30 s
Dry matter content: 47% by weight (Spray can 33%)
Flash point: 25°C (Spray can < 0°C)
Aromatic content in solvent: < 0.5%
Rec film thickness: 100 − 200 μm (wet)
Drying time: 90 min
Effect on car paint: none
Low temperature adhesion: -25°C
Heat resistance: 180°C
Salt spray test: 1000 hrs
Penetration: 20 mm minimum