Dinitrol 447 Grey Black Rubber Based Rust Proofing Stone Chip 1 Litre 1101301

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Product Description

DINITROL 447 Protect Super is a fast-drying, rubber and resin based auto-body protection agent. Clearly higher rust protection is achieved through zinc additives. Zinc ions also prevent or delay rust formation in areas where the protective film is damaged. DINITROL 447 Protect Super contains no aggressive solvents such as chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFC/ CHC), esters and ketones.
Permanently elastic
The product is particularly well-suited for after-treatment of auto bodies. DINITROL 447 Protect Super does not attack PVC coatings, is asbestos- and bitumen-free, permanently elastic and resists stone impact and road salt. After through drying, DINITROL 447 Protect Super can be coated with all conventional paints.
Method of use
DINITROL 447 Protect Super is sprayed onto the dry, dust- and grease-free surface evenly and in crisscross pattern, using 4 – 6 bar air pressure and a suitable gun for underbody protection. DINITROL 447 Protect Super can be painted over when thoroughly dry. Splashes can be removed with a white spiritsoaked cloth.
Pre-treatment Substrates
Surfaces shall be dry, clean and free from corrosion.
Over-Coating / 2-Layer-Application
DINITROL 447 Protect Super can be overpainted with the most common paints. It is recommended to make a test application to make sure it is working properly. For additional information please consult DINOL.
Technical Data
Colour black, grey
Base resin/rubber
Spec. weight approx. 1 g/ml
Solids content approx. 50%
Working temperature 10 – 25°C
Water solubility insoluble in water
Paintable after thorough drying
Recommended film thickness wet 1000 μm
Salt spray test DIN 50021 over 400 h
Storage period 24 months
Available in 1 L can / 208 L drum