Dinitrol 1000 High Penetration Water Repellent Cavity Wax 500ML Aerosol 1107601

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Product Description

DINITROL 1000 was developed for use in closed cavities, doors and other parts of vehicles, trucks and buses. In particular, the product was developed for use in import facilities, during the manufacture of trucks and buses and for the repairs market.
DINITROL 1000 was also developed for use with spare parts, etc. that are stored for long periods of time or transported under very difficult corrosive conditions.
High penetration
Polyethyelene wax base
Highly water repellent
Excellent low temperature properties
Re-wash resistant
DINITROL 1000 is designed for application in closed cavities, doors and other parts of cars, trucks and buses. The product is particularly suitable for use at import plants, during truck and bus manufacture and in the aftermarket.
DINITROL 1000 is also designed for use on spare parts etc, which are stored for long periods or transported under very corrosion inductive weather conditions.
Method of use
DINITROL 1000 is applied by spraying with manual or semi-automatic application equipment, and is suitable for either air-mix or airless spraying. Application temperature should be between 15 and 30°C.

Pre-treatment substrates

Surface need to be dry and clean and loose corrosion removed.
The product can be used in a two-layer system together with DINITROL 4941 / 4942 and DINITROL 2000 A. DINITROL 1000 can be repaired with itself.
For additional Information, please consult DINOL GmbH.
The product should be stored at 15 – 30°C. The shelf life is 2 years in unopened original packages.
Technical Data
Colour transparent beige
Type of film waxy
Density at 23°C 830 kg/m³
Viscosity at 23°C, DIN 4 18 seconds
Dry matter content 50% by weight
Flash point 40°C
Aromatic content in solvent < 1%
Recommended film thickness 40 μm
Recommended film thickness wet 100 μm
Drying time 2 hours
Heat resistance > 90°C
Low temperature adhesion -40°C
Removability White Spirit
Salt spray test 500 hours
Penetration 50 μm gap > 30 mm
Storage 24 months
Available in 1 L Mini-Service, 60 L Drum, 208 L Drum, Container