Liqui Moly Start Fix Easy Starting Aid Damp Start 200ML Engine Lubricant 2991

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Product Description

The reliable starting aid in cold or damp conditions, when the spark plugs are wet and battery charge is low. Consists of a combination of particularly highly flammable substances and is ideal for all gasoline and diesel engines. Helps combustion engines to start and is effective even at very low temperatures. Preserves the battery and is economic to use.
- Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines
- Good corrosion protection
- Secures winter operation which would otherwise be affected by the cold
- Facilitates starting behavior
- Protects engine and battery
- Optimizes economical use
- Improved ignition
For 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines. For difficulties in starting due to humid weather conditions, cold, weak battery, fault in the system or wet spark plugs. Can be used in cars, trucks and buses, motorbikes, boats, construction machinery, forklift trucks and other industrial trucks, tractors, small cultivation implements, lawnmowers, snow plows, motor saws, pumps and all types of mobile gensets for drives, compressed air or electrical power generation, etc.
Spray directly into the air filter or the air intake and start immediately. On gasoline engines, only press the accelerator gently; on diesel engines, start with full throttle without preglowing.
NOTE: Contains highly flammable substances. For this reason, there must be no smoking during use. Neither must this starting aid be used near naked flames or other sources of ignition.