Liqui Moly SAE 10w30 Touring High Tec Mineral Engine Oil API SF/CD 1272

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Product Description

Year-round high-performance engine oil formulated according to the latest technology. Selected base oils and a high additive content guarantee optimum lubrication under all running conditions and with extended periods between oil changes.
- can be used in gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharger
- excellent cleaning effect
- outstanding lubricating action
- tested for catalytic converters
- miscible with all commercially available motor oils
- very good dispersion properties
- high wear resistance
- high shear stability
- high lubrication reliability
- optimum stability to aging
- low evaporation loss
Specifications and approvals:
Areas of application
Engine oil for all gasoline and diesel engines (aspirated and turbocharged). Especially suitable for long periods between oil changes and extreme running conditions.
The operating materials instructions of the motor vehicle and engine manufacturer must be followed.