Liqui Moly Pro Line Super Diesel Additive 1L Clean Lubricate Engine 5176

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Product Description

A combination of agents which cleans, disperses, protects materials and boosts the cetane number. Developed for the latest operating fluids (low-sulfur diesel fuels with portions of biodiesel). The lubricity improver contained provides better lubricity for diesel low in sulfur. The increase in ignition performance improves the combustion of the fuel, whereby the exhaust emissions are reduced. The high proportion of corrosion protection additives reliably protects the entire fuel system from rust and corrosion. The outstanding cleaning properties prevent deposits, keep the components clean and the engine performance at a consistently high level.
- Protects injection system components from wear
- Prevents expensive repairs
- Excellent cleaning effect
- Increases the lubricating effect
- Outstanding corrosion protection
- Boosts the cetane number
- Tested for the use with catalytic converters
- Prevents seizing and the injector needles from gumming up
- Guarantees optimum combustion
- Highly economical
- Guarantees consistently good engine performance
- Stable to oxidation
- Prevents the build-up of deposits
Added to diesel fuel for all diesel engines, including those with pumped-jet and common rail injection systems. Also suited for use in stationary engines.
Add to the fuel after carrying out repair work on the fuel system or during an inspection. As a preventive measure, it can also be added to the fuel every 2,000 km or, in commercial vehicles, at every other refueling stop. Mixing takes place automatically. Contents of can are sufficient for a total of 300 l of fuel (dosage 1:300).
Also suitable when vehicles are decommissioned to protect the fuel system from corrosion.