Liqui Moly Pro Line Diesel System Cleaner K 1L Fuel Injection Clean 5144

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Product Description

Highly effective combination of additives for cleaning and maintenance. It is formulated for rapid and costeffective cleaning of disruptive deposits in the fuel system of diesel engines. The additives ensure optimal corrosion protection and increased ignition performance.
- Removes deposits from entire fuel system
- Minimizes wear
- Reduces fuel consumption
- Good corrosion protection
- Improved ignition
- Highly economical
- Eliminates diesel knocking
- Reduces smoke opacity
- Cleans the fuel system
- Rapid and simple problem-solving
- Increases operational reliability
- Guarantees optimum combustion
- Reduces pollutant emissions
- Optimal engine performance
Suitable for all diesel engine vehicles including those with Common Rail and pumped-jet injection systems.
Add to the tank during each inspection and after carrying out repairs on the fuel system. To eliminate problems, we recommend mixing the product with fuel during refueling over a period of approximately 2,000 km.
Contents of can are sufficient for a total of 300 l of fuel (dosage 1:300).