Liqui Moly Leather Care Preserves Protects Leather Conditioner 250ml 1554

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Product Description

High-quality emulsion for the care and cleaning of smooth and imitation leather. Preserves structure, grip and elasticity of the leather and protects against dirt and wear. Smooths older as well as slightly worn leather surfaces and gives them a silky matt shine. Regular application enhances the appearance of the leather, prevents premature fading and extends the life of the material. Does not contain any dyes and can be used for all leather tones. First treat light-colored leather surfaces soiled by dark stains with LIQUI MOLY Universal Cleaner (part no. 1653).
- keeps leather supple
- protects leather components from cracking
- excellent long-term protection
For all leather surfaces in the automotive sector, leather suits and leather components in the home, for hobbies and at work.
Not suitable for suede leather.
If required, clean leather surfaces to be treated and let dry. Shake leather care well before use. Next, pour onto a soft cloth or rag and, using circular motions, apply thinly and uniformly under light pressure. Polish off after briefly allowing it to work. Regular application will result in the optimum care and appearance.
Note: Not suitable for suede leather. Test for compatibility in an inconspicuous place before large-scale application.